LLBN Building Project

Proposed addition and expansion of LLBN Studio

Even after 17 years, LLBN remains as determined as ever to take that message of the resurrected Christ into all the world, with our five networks reaching people who speak the top most spoken languages in the world. That commitment makes expansion of our studio facility a more urgent necessity than ever before. We are taking humble steps to build a robust 14,000 square foot studio on property LLBN already owns behind our existing studio. As it will cost $2.1 million to build, we are encouraging our viewers and friends to partner with us by contributing $150 for every square foot.


Whether you are able to contribute one square foot or many, all names will be listed on a special donor wall. Such recognition is testimony of what it takes for the body of Christ to work together in order to take the everlasting gospel throughout the world.

LLBN Studio proposed expansion

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